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2014 - 2015 Officers, Advisors


Honorary President - Tamayo

President - Janet Honda
Imm. Past President - Donna Higashi
1st VP - Irene Nakamoto
2nd VP - Lois Toyama
Recording Secretary - Sharon Nohara
Asst. Secretary - Gail Shibuya
Treasurer - Jessica Nohara
Asst. Treasurer - Twila Castellucci
Auditors - Fay Tateishi and Lillie

Honorary Advisor - Bishop Eric

Minister Advisor - Rev. Shindo



2014 Officers, Advisors, Committees

United Presidents:

Honolulu: Myrna Nishihara
Oahu: June Asato
Kauai: Fay Tateishi
Maui: Janet Shimada & Charlotte Wilkinson
Hawaii: Linda Nagai

United Advisors:

Honolulu: Rev. Shindo Nishiyama
Oahu: Rev. Mariko Nishiyama
Kauai: Rev. Bruce Nakamura
Maui: Rev. Richard Tennes
Hawaii: Rev. Jeffrey Soga


Honolulu: Florence Wasai
Oahu: Dale Shimaura
Kauai: Lynne Matsumura
Maui: Tamara Manley
Hawaii (3): K.T. Cannon-Eger, Shigeko Nakasone, Janet Saito, Sally Tayama, Lillie Tsuchiya

Committee Chairs:

Bylaws & Policies: Jean Fukumoto
Finance: Twila Castellucci
Membership: Lois Toyama
Social & Reception: Sharyn Sekine
Projects: Irene Nakamoto
Newsletter: Jo Des Marets and Donna Higashi
Student Exchange: Cheryl Sora


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Koa Key Chain & Pendant Sale

In 2000 the Hawaii Federation had Koa pendants and key chains designed with the sagarifuji which were sold to members. 

Koa, which is sometimes called Hawaiian mahogany, is prized as picture frames, wall panel, calabashes, serving utensils,  dishes, furniture, surf boards, bracelets, pens, etc.  The wood is red with a wavy grain.  Koa means brave, bold and fearless.  It is becoming more difficult to locate, therefore, highly prized by the recipient.   If you are interested in purchasing one, please e-mail us



Current month's Updates - 15th World BW Convention


05/04/2015 Updated info section on 15th world convention page




     The women of today play an important role in propagating and sustaining our Jodo Shinshu teachings. The Hawaii Federation of Buddhist Women’s Association (HFBWA) main vision is to increase awareness that we are the women of the 21st century. We are, therefore, embarking on a new path to offer, to share and to help you understand what the Hawaii Federation of Buddhist Women’s Association is all about.

     We are an affiliate organization under the Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii, Honolulu, where our headquarters is located. Currently, the Hawaii Federation of Buddhist Women’s Association (HFBWA) is composed of 5 Districts in the State of Hawaii. There are a total of 29 Units (temples): Hawaii (11 Units), Oahu (6 Units), Maui (5 Units), Honolulu (4 Units), and Kauai (3 Units). Representatives from these 5 Districts attend the HFBWA meetings which are held in March and October.

     Our organization offers programs such as Buddhist Education, Student Exchange with Japan BWA, Dana Day, Sister District Relationship, Care Day, and special services. Please click on the Membership Pamphlet for more information.

     So, welcome everyone to our official website!

Officers for 2014 - 2015

Spring 2015 newsletter is now online

click here to view



Buddhist Women's Pledge

As a person of Buddhist faith, I will follow Shinran Shonin who sought to live the life of truth; appreciate fully the blessing of human existence; thoroughly hear the Primal Vow of the Buddha; and diligently strive to live the life of Nembutsu as a Buddhist woman.

  • Earnestly listening to the teaching, I will live my daily life embraced in Amida's Light.
  • Building a home fragrant with the Nembutsu, I will nurture a child of the Buddha.
  • Following the teaching of "One World", I will spread the circle of Dharma friends.


  1. to unify and cooperate with all United Honpa Hongwanji Buddhist Women's Associations in the State of Hawaii;
  2. to perpetuate and expand Jodo Shinshu (Pure Land Sect) in the State of Hawaii;
  3. to promote the development of Buddhist women's organizations ; and
  4. to participate in the promotion of Buddhism throughout the world and to work for world peace.




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