The Hawaii Federation of Buddhist Women’s Associations (HFBWA) is an affiliate organization of the Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii, headquartered in Honolulu. The women and friends of Hawaii’s BWA groups play an important role in propagating and sustaining our Jodo Shinshu teachings.

HFBWA is composed of 29 temple units organized into 5 districts: Honolulu (3 units), Oahu (6 units), Kauai (3 units), Maui (5 units), and Hawaii Island (11 units). Representatives from these 5 Districts attend the HFBWA meetings which are held in March and October.

Our organization offers programs such as Buddhist education, student exchange with Japan BWA, Dana Day (selfless giving), sister districts, and special services.

Buddhist Women’s Pledge (new)

Guided by Shinran Shonin’s teachings, we share Amida Buddha’s heartfelt wish for the happiness of all beings.

We cherish listening deeply to the Dharma and endeavor to realize a world in which all are equally affirmed and valued.

We live each moment within the embrace of Amida Buddha’s Infinite Wisdom and Compassion, grateful for all we receive.

We welcome all, with aloha, to come as they are to the circle of “Namo Amida Butsu.”

Ratified:  HHMH Federation of Buddhist Women’s Associations
Spring Meeting
March 6, 2021

Photo: Hawaii BWA group photo from 16th World Buddhist Women’s Convention in San Francisco, CA