Unit Programs

BWA (or Fujinkai) units are not just affiliate organizations of the temples, but are integral to day-to-day temple operations. Here is a sampling of BWA programs and activities at the temple level.

Cultural Programs: These include flower arrangement, cooking, sewing including happis & aprons, hula, line-dancing, bon dancing, bonsai.

Fundraising: Members participate in temple fund raisers which includes traditionally suchi, bentos (Japanese box lunch), mochi, microwave manju, home-made pies, cakes and cookies, oriental antique sales, garage sales, plant sales, quilting, Japanese pickles (tsukemono), pickled fruits and vegetables, local jams and jellies, fresh vegetable, fruits from their backyards and numerous other items. Members also do oriental food demonstrations at the local markets for which they are paid.

Temple Boards of Directors: More and more members are actively participating in the district’s Lay Conventions and the state Legislative Assembly, heading important committees or as a committee person at their own temples, district wide and statewide.

Community Service & Events: Our members often volunteer at hospitals, hospices, schools, long term care facilities, etc. and make donations of blankets and flowers. We also participate in community events.

Arts & Crafts: Our members are very skillful in making crafts such as crochet, knitting, lei-making, Hawaiian quilt-making, etc. Come join us.

Propagation/Dharma Talk Tapes: The propagation committee keeps recorded messages by various speakers. Any member can borrow these tapes.

Home & Home: The purpose of this program is to foster friendship and fellowship between temple units by inviting and hosting another unit. Usually once a year.

framed images of Kakushinni, left, and Eshinni, right, before the altar at Hawaii Betsuin
Images of Kakushinni, left, and Eshinni, right, at Hawaii Betsuin.
Eshinni/Kakushinni Day Service: Lady Eshinni is our founder Shinran Shonin’s wife and Kakushinni is his daughter. On this day, we hold a special religious service in their honor and a contribution is made to a youth organization of the temple.