–Oahu United BWA Rules & Regulations



Table of Contents:

1. Meetings
2. Proration of Directors
3. Directors to the Federation Meetings
4. Transportation Expenses to Federation Meetings
5. Representatives to Oahu Hongwanji Council
6. Fuse no Hi, Dana Day
7. Emergency Fund
8. Eshinni/Kakushinni Day
9. CARE Day
10. Federation Dues
11. Ministerial Training & Educational Fund
12. Anniversary of Dedication Ceremonies
13. Exchange of Students Program
14. Honorarium
15. Support for Dharma School for Children
16. Dharma School Teachers Conference
17. Money Management
18. Allocated Funds
19. Welfare for Ministers and Others
20. BWA Seminar
21. Honolulu United BWA Convention
22. State Membership Conference
23. Oahu United BWA Convention
Effective as of May 15, 2014


(Revised May 15, 2014)

Oahu United Honpa Hongwanji Buddhist Women’s Assn.=OAHU UNITED, OUHHBWA, Rengo
Honpa Hongwanji Hawaii Federation of Buddhist Women’s Association = FEDERATION, Renmei


Board of Directors’ meetings shall be held in February, May, August and November; and the general membership meeting in October (annual convention).

a. The president shall send out the meeting notices.
b. Draft of minutes shall be distributed to all directors within 30 days of meeting.
c. The Board of Directors’ meeting shall be held at the following places on a rotation basis:
Aiea, Wahiawa, Waipahu, Waianae, Pearl City, Mililani.


Proration shall be based on one director for every 25 members.  Exception: A BWA Unit with 25 or less members shall have two directors.  The proration of directors for the current year shall be determined by the membership count of the previous year.  Alternate representatives to the Oahu United BWA meetings shall have full voting rights.  One observer from each BWA Unit may attend our meetings.  She shall have voice, but no voting rights.  Additional guests must get approval by the Oahu United OUHHBWA president to be placed on the agenda.  It shall be the Corresponding Secretary’s responsibility to publish and distribute a list of the Board of Directors’ names, addresses, telephone numbers and email.

3. DIRECTORS (2) TO THE FEDERATION MEETINGS (Representative Assemblies)

a. The United President shall be a member of the Federation Executive Board.
b. The United President and Federation Officers are not included in the proration of directors.
c. The Oahu United BWA directors (1 per 300 active members) shall be selected in order from the following list:
(1) Vice President (2) Recording Secretary (3) Immediate Past President (4) Treasurer (5) Corresponding Secretary (6) Assistant Treasurer (7) Auditor (8) Auditor.


Oahu United BWA shall pay the transportation fee for our President and Directors or their designee who attend the Federation meetings held in Honolulu twice a year.

Fee Schedule:
From Aiea, Pearl City, Waipahu, Mililani, Wahiawa:
Driver only – $5.00 Driver with one or more passengers – $10.00

From Waianae:
Driver only – $10.00 Driver with one or more passengers – $15.00


Oahu United BWA President shall be one of two voting representatives to the Oahu Hongwanji Council meetings, and shall make a report of the Oahu United BWA activities.  Representatives shall report Council business to the Oahu United BWA.

6. DANA DAY – A World Federation Initiative

Dana Day is observed annually during February.  Each unit is encouraged to initiate Dana collection and/or project at the unit/temple level.  Each unit shall report their Dana Day collections/projects and distribution to OUHHBWA by the 2nd quarterly meeting so that the president can prepare a combined report for Federation.


a. $1.00 per active member shall be collected annually for emergency fund in a separate account.
b. Emergency Fund shall be distributed as follows:.
(1) For natural disasters or fires publicly recognized as a disaster, and the buildings are considered public (in Oahu district only).
(2) Each BWA Unit shall be responsible for reporting any disaster in its district to the president of the Oahu United BWA.
(3) The president shall confer with the executive board and the advisor to make the final decision on the matter.
(4) Monetary donation:  about $200 to a maximum of $500 per disaster.
(5) Other relief Funds as recommended by the Federation or Oahu United BWA Board of Directors.


April 25 shall be designated as Eshin-ni Day and be observed in April by the various BWA Units of Oahu district.  The offertory collected shall be used for youth activities.  Each unit shall report their Eshin-ni and Kakushin-ni observances and distribution to OUHHBWA by the 3rd quarterly meeting so that the president can prepare combined report for Federation.

9. (CARE DAY) Compassion and Response to Elders Day

CARE Day, shall be observed annually by each unit.  Each unit shall report their CARE day projects to OUHHBWA by the 3rd quarterly meeting so that the president can prepare combined report for Federation.


Federation dues of $3.00 per member per year shall be paid to the Oahu United BWA treasurer by the meeting in February.  The treasurer shall forward the dues to the Federation for all active members by May 31st of each year.


$2.50 ($1.00 Ministerial Training Fund & $1.50 Educational Fund) per member per year shall be paid to the Oahu United BWA treasurer by the first quarterly meeting.  The treasurer shall forward additional collection to the Federation for active members joining after this meeting by May 31st of each year.


In the event written invitations are received to anniversary or dedication ceremonies, the Oahu United BWA shall send the president or a representative to do oshoko and offer congratulatory gift “oiwai” of $50.00.


a. For the Arriving Students
(1) All programming shall be the responsibility of the BWA executive board.
(2) The program shall be approved by the Oahu United BWA president and minister advisor, and
presented at the Board of Directors’ meeting.
(3) $500 shall be subsidized by the Oahu United BWA for exchange student expenses. (Additional $100 for hosting unit in case of three exchange students.)
(4) Entertainment and a gift of approx. $50 per student shall be the responsibility of the Exchange student committee.  (Included in the allocation).
(5) Guests to be invited in case a luncheon or dinner banquet is held:  Exchange students; also the Federation President and the Honolulu United BWA President with costs to be covered by the Oahu United BWA treasury only when or if the Federation or Honolulu United does not have its own functions for the students.  Oahu members may participate in events, such as luncheons, at their own expense.
b. For the Going Abroad Students
(1) The Oahu United BWA’s Vice President shall serve as a judge on the Federation Selection Committee.  If the Vice President is unable to represent Oahu United BWA for any reason, she shall appoint another member from her unit to serve in the same capacity.
(2) In the event a student(s) from the Oahu district is (are) selected to go aboard as the Exchange Student(s) from Hawaii, senbetsu (bon voyage gift) of $100 each shall be presented from the Oahu United BWA.


a. To ministers shall be $100 for (1) Oahu United BWA services, seminars, and (2) Oahu district temple BWA Unit services for Bishop participation following headquarters’ recommendations.
b. To lay speakers shall be between $50 to $75. (Amount to be decided by committee in charge, advisor and president of our United.)


The OUHHBWA will support the district Dharma School program up to $300 for projects directly benefitting students and teachers such as awards for contests.  DSTO will be asked to provide a report on how funds were used at the end of the school year and to inform us of programs for the next school year before we prepare the budget for the year.


When grants are received from the Federation for the Biennial State Dharma School Teachers’ Conference the funds shall be given to Dharma School Teachers of Oahu to be used for registration fee and/or appropriate lodging expense for active Dharma School Teachers who are Oahu United BWA members and DSTO shall make a report on:  (1) how the money was spent; and (2) names of those who received the grant.


The treasurer or the assistant treasurer shall have the authority on money management of the treasurer’s accounts (amounts to be deposited in certificates, checking account, savings account, etc.) with the approval of the president and minister advisor.


A financial report of the various allocations shall be submitted to the Oahu United BWA.  Unexpended funds shall be returned to the Oahu United BWA treasury and insufficient funds shall be paid from the treasury.


a. $50 shall be disbursed from the Oahu United BWA for Oahu district ministers for transfer, retirement, koden and resignation.
b. Other on a case-by-case basis to be determined by the executive board.

20. BWA SEMINAR shall be observed annually in April.

a. The Oahu United BWA Unit shall allocate $500 to defray expenses of the seminar including the Buddhist Education subsidy from the Federation. Women (non-BWA members) from any Oahu District Temple may participate in the Seminar.
b. The hosting BWA Unit shall be responsible for honorarium to the speakers, also, for the Oahu Ministers and guests’ lunches (included in allocation).


When the Oahu United BWA receives an invitation to Honolulu United BWA functions, a donation of $50 will be made from the OUHHBWA.  A personal donation is optional.


The State Membership Convention is observed in the year prior to the World Convention (once every 4 years) and hosted by the different United BWA district.

a. All persons attending the Conventions pays own expenses as determined by the unit policies as all registration is at the unit level.  (Federation pays for Federation President, 1st VP, Honorary President, Minister advisor, and Bishop and special speakers)

b. If one of the Federation general assemblies is held in conjuction with the State Membership Convention on an outer island, airfare for Federation Officers, United President, Oahu Director(s), United Minister advisor, and committee chairs on the agenda will be covered by the Federation.


a. Oahu United BWA shall allocate $700.00 to the hosting BWA Unit to defray expenses of the convention.
b. Deposit for the reservation of the convention site shall be paid by the Oahu United BWA.
c. The following information shall be furnished by each BWA Unit to the hosting BWA Unit at least one month prior to the convention.
(1) Number of persons attending.
(2) Number of luncheon orders.
(3) Names of deceased BWA Unit members (Aug. 1-July 31).
(4) Names of Oshoko (incense offering) representatives.
(5) Names of Kento (candle offering) representatives.
(6) Names of Kenka (floral offering) representatives.
(7) Reports of activities to be published in the convention booklet (except seminar and Convention reports since booklets are prepared and distributed for these events.

d. The invitations to the Honorary President and President of the Federation, and Honolulu United BWA President shall be sent by the Convention Committee on behalf of the OUHHBWA.  Convention expense and fees to be determined by hosting unit and all temples without BWA units will be informed of these activities and invited to participate.

e. Ministers, Oahu United BWA president and guests’ lunches shall be paid by hosting BWA Unit (included in allocation.

f. Memorial service – Deceased members’ names shall be announced by the Vice President during the Memorial Service.  The Oahu United BWA President shall represent the Oahu United BWA and offer incense.

g. The sermon for the Memorial Service and the Words of Thanksgiving shall be delivered by the minister of the hosting BWA Unit.

h. General Meeting.  The president officer for the general meeting shall be the President of the Oahu United BWA.
i. General Membership Meeting.
(1) Recording Secretary’s minutes of the last general meeting.
(2) United & Federation reports by the President.
(3) The Treasurer’s annual report shall be from January 1 to December 31.
(4) The auditors shall audit the treasurer’s annual report by the end of February.
(5) Report of nomination committee and election of officers.
(6) Unfinished Business and New Business

j. The Vice President shall present the gifts ($25.00) to the ministers.  Funds for the gifts are included in the allocation.
k. Installation of Officers Ceremony shall be held after the general meeting.  Directors and outgoing officers shall be recognized by having them stand.
l. Candles, ribbons, etc. may be used for the installation shall be the responsibility of the hosting BWA Unit.
m. If the guest speaker is an Oahu United BWA Exchange Student, orei is not necessary.  An orei of $25.00 shall be given to non-Oahu District Exchange Student.  Orei to outside speakers shall be between $50.00 to $75.00.
n. Offertory collected at the convention shall be deposited in the Oahu United BWA treasury.
o. Words of Appreciation shall be given at the close of the convention by the Oahu United BWA President.
p. Voluntary contributions to the Ministerial Training Fund shall be collected at the convention by the hosting unit and forwarded to Honpa Hongwanji Mission by our United treasurer.