Many of these programs are worldwide and supported by all women groups in the form of resolutions adopted at the various World Conventions throughout the years.

Education Programs

Buddhist traditions, altar arrangements, music, health care, current events, etc. are some of the subjects in our annual workshops and seminars. More »

Student Exchange

BWA sponsors the popular Student Exchange Program every year. Students 17-23 years of age apply for a chance to spend two weeks in Japan every other year. For alternating years Japan students get to spend time in Hawaii, exchanging fellowship and goodwill. More »

Dana Day

Dana Day was one of the first resolutions approved at the 2nd World Buddhist Women’s Convention in New York City in 1965. Dana Day collections are made to charitable and social welfare agencies in respective countries.  Unit members make donations and oftentimes their respective Uniteds implement the program.

Eshinni/Kakushinni Service

Lady Eshin-ni is our founder Shinran Shonin’s wife. Kakushin-ni is their daughter. Each year, on or around April 25, a special religious service is held in honor of both and a contribution is made to a youth organization of the temple.

Sister District Relationships

This program fosters friendship and fellowship between temple units by inviting and hosting another unit. More »

Hosha (Grateful Response)

At the 3rd World Buddhist Women’s Convention in 1967 in Hawaii, Hosha No Hi was established to promote this Buddhist practice at temples or in the community.


Care Day was created at the 12th World Buddhist Women’s Convention at Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2002 to extend Compassion and Assistance in Response to Elders (CARE). (Another abbreviation is also used: Compassion And Respect for Elders.)

Unit Programs

BWA Units play important and active roles in the life of our temples. We organizing special services, offer arts & crafts expertise, take on temple leadership roles, support major events and fundraisers, and serve the wider community. More »