Education Programs

The purpose of the HFBWA Education Committee is to “encourage and assist the Districts in the research and development of educational programs.” The committee oversees, recommends, and authorizes all requests for scholarship grants.

women holding programs seated in Hawaii Betsuin's Annex Temple
Honolulu United Education Workshop 2012 – “Nembutsu Heart to Heart”


Annual Education Workshop
Each United BWA shall receive $300 except Hawaii BWA shall receive $500.

Biennial State Dharma School Teachers Conference
Grants for registration fees and appropriate lodging expenses shall be provided to HHMHFBWA members who are active Dharma School teachers. Each United BWA shall receive 2 grants except Hawaii BWA shall receive 4 grants.

Pacific Buddhist Academy
$1,000 annually to be used to grant scholarship(s).

Hongwanji Mission School
$1,000 annually to be used to grant tuition waivers.

Buddhist Study Center Summer Session Recipients

2004 Mary George, Kahului
2003 none
2002 Mary George, Kahului
2001 Carrie Kawamoto, Mililani
2000 Shizue Miyasato, Jikoen
1999 Kimiyo Miyose, Upasika Society
1998 Ann Ishikawa, Mililani
Fusako Nishikawa, Hilo
Shigeko Miyashiro, Upasika Society
1997 Peggy Shintaku, Upasika Society